Our Woolen products are produced with the thick, lustrous wool of the old style Horned Dorset. Once washed and carded the wool roving is stark white and a joy to spin or use in felting.


Currently Available

Wool Roving

Our own Horned Dorset wool roving, great for spinning, felting, dyeing or weaving.

Whole, Unwashed Fleece

Shorn March 13 2022. Clean Raw fleece with very little VM. Expect 30% loss in weight from raw wool to yarn. Makes a soft cream to white yarn.

3 PLY Light Weight Yarn

Light Weight 3 PLY yarn. Soft, and bouncy without a lot of stretch. Perfect for socks and mittens. The roundness of the yarn will be perfect for details in the knit item and for knit or crochet cording.


Available from Time to Time

Dryer Balls

Save money on dryer sheets and fabric softener with our 100% wool Dryer Balls. A natural and sustainable alternative, each dryer ball shortens drying time and will last for more than 100’s loads. Especially good for sensitive skin and babies as they soften laundry naturally without chemicals or synthetics. Use 3 balls for medium loads, and 6 balls for large loads. Each dryer ball lasts 2-5 years.

Sheep Pelts

Natural Sheepskin Pelts are a beautiful addition to your home and family. Soft and fluffy, these pelts are perfect for chilly winter nights as a blanket, in the car to keep you warm, as a seat cover over cold leather chairs, or as a comfy place for baby to lay on while supervised(wool side down and its a great cushioned mat for tummy time!). Even your fluffy friends will enjoy sleeping on them – our cats love them.