The Dog

Every farm has a dog. I can't think of a single farm, big or little, that doesn't have a dog. Farms and dogs just go together like bees and honey. If you come up our driveway there is a very good chance that you'll be greeted by a black and white rocket running straight for your vehicle tail raised and wagging while barking the entire time to let us humans know someone is here! JD will be circling your vehicle as you slowly creep up the driveway and will very impatiently wait for you to park so he can get patted and show you his favorite ball or some stick that he found in the woods in hopes you'll play fetch with him. For the most part JD is a companion dog for us. He follows Genevieve almost everywhere around the farm, or she'll be following him. He hangs out in the garden with me during spring planting, follows behind the hay wagon in the summer while we pick up bales, and is a [...]