Lucie cannot stop raving about all the amazing traits Horned Dorsets have and is always eager to go into more detail about this amazing breed. They are a stunning breed with their white wool and majestic horns. The Rams have impressive curling horns that spiral outwards and the ewes have a more feminine crescent shaped set that frame their face.

Horned Dorsets are a breed of sheep that is listed as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy. We raise old east coast style Horned Dorset. These low and wide grazing machines are an efficient dual purpose breed, meaning they are raised for both meat and their thick, bouncy wool. Known to be prolific breeders, the ewes most frequently have twins. They are efficient mothers who are able to convert forage into ample amounts of milk to successfully raise their own lambs. Horned Dorsets are also one of the few breeds of sheep that can naturally breed year round without the use of hormones. This trait allows the shepherd to have a more steady supply of meats available year round. We primarily sell meat, and fleeces and woolen products. If you’re interested in purchasing breed stock please send an email to get more information.

  • Breeding Stock – We are registered with the Continental Dorset Club(CDC), and are looking forward to offering breed stock. Horned Dorsets are a calm breed that is hardy, and easy to manage making them a great breed for the novice shepherd, our local 4Hers, or the experienced shepherd looking to add to his or her flock.
  • Meat – Horned Dorset meat has a mild flavor, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s bland. Our tender lamb is juicy with a delicate lamb flavor that isn’t over powering. Lucie’s husband, Nick, has always claimed he’s not a lamb eater, but once he had their own meat, he was heard comparing the flavor to grass fed beef.
  • Fleece – Our Dorsets grow thick fluffy fleeces through out the year and are shorn once a year in April. The average staple length is 3.75 inches. Once washed and carded the wool roving is white and a joy to spin or use in felting.