Three Creeks Farm is now booking school field trips for 2023. We are eager to offer a variety of classes for all ages.

For younger students we offer story time with the sheep, help with age appropriate chores, and a craft

For older students we offer hands on learning, specifically in animal behavior with demos, and group activities

We are also open to working with teachers to put together a specific and unique work shop for your class.

Field trips are $10 per student, chaperones are free. If the field trip is over 2 hours an additional $50 an hour is added to the final bill.

Email Lucie for more information and to explore options that would be a good fit for your students

Left: Students are petting a week old
lamb after observing the flock

Below: Students and Lucie take a photo with Daisy, the horse and JD the farm dog after a morning on the farm

Left: Students engage in group discussion about the various behaviors we observed and what they mean.