Three Creeks Farm a small livestock farm in central New Hampshire at the foothills of the White Mountains. We raise heritage Horned Dorset sheep, and chicken. Lucie and Nick established the farm in 2016 and are excited to offer various products from the sheep; along with ethically, sustainably raised meats.

Pastured Meats

Our pasture raised meats are truly delicious, because the animals and birds are raised the way nature intended them – outside with plenty of fresh air and sunshine. The life of our livestock is a happy one and each one has the ability to roam about the farm.

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Woolen Products

Our Woolen products are produced with the thick, lustrous wool of the old style Horned Dorset. We offer fleece in a variety of options, from raw to finished yarn. Once washed and carded the wool roving is stark white and a joy to spin or use in felting. It also dyes up nicely.

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Charity Chickens

Lucie and Nick are offering charity chickens starting the spring of 2021. For every charity chickens we sell we are able to raise 1 chicken for a family in need in our community.

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